A new era of reality television, a reality show with two sides: a digital or virtual side and a real-life or material world side. "Get Island" is a reality show where you jump from virtual reality to real life, and that will take place at a remote island location. On the island, contestants will be isolated and will compete within a system of progressive elimination. One final contestant will remain, and he or she will become the real owner of the island. The winner gets the island!

Our first rule is that everyone who wants to be a member can be a member and contestant in the "Get Island" game and on the show through the independent market for TV content! That’s all of it in short! Read more about the show on the our website and on the Mobcaster page, where you will find a lot more details about the reality show and can check out the rewards.

Initial Stage

This stage takes place locally in homes where contestants live and where everyone can be part of the show. Each participant with a valid entry ticket will receive the "Get Island PRO" software game, be accepted as a contestant and compete to win prizes. And you will have the chance to find the location of the island from your own home. It is so simple! Anyone anywhere can be part of show!

The main point of the initial stage is a step-by-step disclosure of more and more revealing information about the location of the island through the "Get Island PRO" game version. The first 30 contestants who detect where the island is located are the winners of the first stage and will go to the final stage.

Final Stage on the Island

The final stage happens on the island itself when thirty contestants will go to the island. Contestants are then isolated on the island and will compete within a system of progressive elimination, allowing the contestants to vote off other team members until only one final contestant remains and wins the title of "Island Owner." The winner will become the real owner of the island, which is the main reward and goal of the game.